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Learning Session 5: Unlocking the Power Within: Strategies Leading to Inner Strengths

1.Who am I? Uncovering the Passion and Stillness in MeKara Deniese Isabella Loseo
2.Positive Imagery: A Gentle Route to Healing and RecoveryRodel Canlas
3.Sana All, May Halaga: Finding One's Worth Amidst the PandemicMelvin Carreon

LS5.1: “Who am I? Uncovering the Passion and Stillness in Me”

Passionate activities are highly self-defining that reflects the main attributes of a person’s identity (Vallerand, 2008). Research reported that most Filipino college students are still likely in the process of striving to create a coherent identity which is helpful to their psychological growth and development (Loseo, 2019). Further, in a busy world of noise, new normal conditions, social norms and media influences may hinder us to develop the center of stillness, inner quiet, calmness, thinking clearly and to better manage our emotions and decisions well in life aspects (Holiday, 2019). The objectives of this session is to unlock students’ inner stillness, to persevere the things that they are capable of doing despite the new changes brought by the pandemic and to discover their passionate activities that may lead to career paths that suited to their diverse interests, abilities and personality style. In this virtual session, the concepts of stillness and the two passion forms on activities (i.e., harmonious and obsessive types) and its various outcomes will be presented to them. Further, a short survey will be conducted providing students’ autonomy to discover their diverse interests and to foster well-being and stillness. Processing will be included, emphasizing harmonious passion and stillness as potential pathways of the students’ autonomy, perseverance and identity formation processes which are likely to be resiliency tools in the midst of the new normal conditions and numerous developmental adjustments of college students in different universities.

Facilitator: Kara Deniese Loseo, RPm, LPT, MSc ( MS Clinical Psychology in DLSU)

Ms. Kara Deniese Isabella Loseo is a registered psychometrician and licensed professional teacher. She obtained her Masteral Degree in Clinical Psychology from De La Salle University. She is currently a freelance academic tutor. She has been working in the academe for 12 years. She was a former Psychology college professor, a psychometrician and a Basic Education Faculty. Her research interests are in the areas of positive psychology, autonomy, well-being, self-determination, children, adolescents and family. Her masteral thesis is entitled, “The Relationship of Harmonious Passion, Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Distress Intolerance of Filipino undergraduate students.”

LS5.2: Positive Imagery: A Gentle Route to Healing and Recovery

We may all have our woundedness that is traceable back to our past. Fortunately, proven therapeutic techniques enable us to experience recovery and achieve healing without the need to revisit the unwelcome past. With our consistent effort and appropriate self-help strategies, we can achieve the healing that we all deserve. Hence, the aim of this learning session is for the participants to experience healing and recovery at present. They will learn and apply the basics of positive imagery - a nonintrusive therapeutic modality that promotes mental and emotional healing. Coupled with progressive muscle relaxation, this gentle strategy can as well neutralize unusual bodily sensations and foster physical comfort. Likewise, the healing of these facets can contribute to holistic health and wellness. Further, they can utilize these self-help strategies to help ease the challenges of this so-called new normal.

Facitator: Dr. Rodel P. Canlas, RPsy, RPm (Department of Psychology, University of Santo Tomas Sports Psychology Unit, Medical and Scientific Athletes Services, Philippine Sports Commission Sports and Exercise – SIG PAP)

Dr. Canlas is working in two of the most interesting and fulfilling fields of psychology - clinical and sports. In clinical psychology, he started practicing when he was about your age, and into teaching since his early twenties. And when he completed his doctorate, he started working with our national athletes and teams to help them achieve their "mental edge" in the game. At present, he is teaching both tertiary and graduate levels at the University of Santo Tomas (UST). Here, he is also the chair of the clinical psychology program. In terms of practice, he is the case manager of the UST-Graduate School Psychotrauma Clinic, a sports psychology consultant of the Philippine Sports Commission, and a psychologist of the Porta Coeli Center for Pastoral Counseling and Psychotrauma Management, and Mont Michel School. Further, he is the co-chair of the Sports and Exercise Psychology - Special Interest Group of the Psychological Association of the Philippines, and the Public Relations Officer of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing - Philippines.

LS5.3: Sana All, May Halaga: Finding One’s Worth Amidst the Pandemic

The devastating effect of Covid-19 pandemic in one’s mental health is an apparent fact that could not be ignored by the psychologists and other mental health professionals. Social isolation, financial challenge, to name a few, have adversely affected an individual’s sense of self-worth. As such, psychologists must provide essential support to uplift one’s psychological well-being. This learning session aims to help the student participants find their value and purpose in life amidst this global pandemic. Anchored in existential psychology, this virtual session will utilize insightful lecture, and interactive forum, with a fervent hope of equipping the students with conceptual and practical skills in finding their worth.

Facilitator: Prof. Melvin S. Carreon, RPsy (University of the East, Manila)

Melvin S. Carreon earned his Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the Far Eastern University and Master of Arts in Psychology from the University of Sto. Tomas. He is a candidate in Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at UST. He is a Registered Psychologist and an active member of the Psychological Association of the Philippines. He is a duly accredited Trainor (First Generation) of the Commission on Higher Education for the new GE course – Understanding the Self. He is an associate professor at the University of the East, Manila. He had appeared in various Television shows as a resource person and psychologist. His research interest includes finding effective intervention program to alleviate the condition of children with special needs.