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A Video-Making Competition for Psychology Majors  
34th Annual PAPJA Convention  
May 7, 2021


Ms. Florabel S. Suarez 
Ms. Armenia Montaño

General Guidelines

  • Open to groups of bona fide and currently enrolled undergraduate Psychology students in the Philippines.
  • Only one entry per school is allowed.
  • The video needs to have been created, written, directed, acted and produced by the submitting team.
  • Video
    • The video should be relevant to the theme, “Transitioning to the New Normal Through Healing and Recovery.”
    • Physical distancing protocols must be observed in the making of the video:
      • As much as possible, conduct your video virtually or in less crowded places, following quarantine protocols in your respective area.
      • If video will be done outside your home, utilize protective items (face masks, face shields, etc.) and practice the recommended physical distancing protocols in public places.
    • The video shall have a maximum playing time of 3 minutes.
    • The video can use either English or Filipino.
    • The video may be silent or use voice.
    • The video should NOT contain any offensive element, including but not limited to, inhumane or overly sexual images and foul or derogatory language. As much as possible, violence should not be present, unless justified through the concept of the video.
    • The video should contain subtitles.
    • At the end of the video, the following should be acknowledged in writing:
      • The name of the team’s school
      • The names of all team members, with specific roles (i.e. creator, writer, director, editor, actors, etc.)
      • References and other sources of information used in the video
    • Participants may seek help in the post-production of the video, but the main idea and content must come from the participants themselves.

*Note: Upon submission of entries to PsyClips 2021, team members grant permission to the Psychological Association of the Philippines (PAP) to use any of the materials for any purpose the organization deems appropriate.


  • To register Log in to the PAPJA website https://www.papjaph.com/. Click the Contest in the navigation bar then choose PsyClips. The details or the mechanics will appear together with the registered button. Click the Register button and you will be asked to paste the Youtube link of your video. Once the link is pasted in the toolbar you can click Submit.
  • Deadline of the submission in the PAPJA Website has been extended to April  15, 2021.
    • Include in the submission form the following:
      • If minors were used in the video, send scanned photo of written consent of guardians/parents of the child actor/s in the video to If minors were used in the video, send scanned photo of written consent of guardians/parents of the child actor/s in the video to PAPJA’s email (psyclips@papjaph.com) with the subject heading: “PsyClips 2021 Consent Forms – School Name”

April 15Deadline for submission of entries 
April 16-27Screening of entries
April 28-30Verification and Identification of Top 3 videos
May 3Uploading of finalist videos on PAP/PAPJA Facebook Page
May 7Viewing and announcement of winners

Accuracy and Quality of Content30%
Quality of Execution and Creativity30%
Observance of quarantine protocols10%

PsyClips Screening Team:

  1. Issa Litton (Host, Actress, Mentor/Coach, Writer, Assistant Director, Producer, COO , Head Trainer and Talent Manager @1LitCorp)
  2. Tara B. Illenberger (Film Maker, Graduate of UP Diliman)
  3. Charles Patrick Gamo (Mental Health Advocate, Psych of Pat Content Creator, Professional Counsellor and Psychotherapist)
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